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 Sol the Cleric

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PostSubject: Sol the Cleric   Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:17 am


Personality: Sol likes to pretend that she's a tough girl and in most cases, she is, but she never seems to escape the tenderness that she feels inside herself and extrudes those feelings towards the ones she cares about. She is extremely polite and seems to forget how to say no to most things. When push comes to shove, she knows when she must step up and take a needed role, whatever she feels needs filling. When Sol's spirits are lifted, she likes to hum to herself and dance. When she's feeling low, she will most likely remain quiet until she explodes. Often or not, there is always a smile on her face and she is always laughing.

Tidbits: Sol enjoys reading, sparring and taking long runs while in her four-legged form. Her markings run along her left face from her eye all the way up her head.

Equipment: Sol carries her one handed steel sword with gold sharp trims to make slicing blows clean and swift. She also carries a dagger strapped to her thigh for those really up close and personal fights. She has a backpack that she never leaves behind with scrolls of maps, medical herbs, bandages, gauze, string, and many other remedies to help the wounded or help peak into her past life.

Backstory: Sol grew up in a family of rogues and thieves. She was born a middle child of the large family, making it hard for her to find her voice let alone who she was. She always believed that she would one day become the greatest thief. She was small, but fierce, which gave her the edge to reaching her goal at becoming a skillful sneak thief, but her small fame would soon reach the ears of those who she thought were her most trusted allies. She was belittled, accused of being a traitor, and robbed of her possessions along with her ability to trust in herself as well as others. The honor among thieves was lost to her. So she left her home and left the pain and agony she felt there behind to start a life. To find herself again.She ventured the wastelands alone and without shelter. She'd go on for days without food or water, only fueled by the hunger to find herself.

A gust of strong wind began to pick up and whip mercilessly at the lone volkin until she buckled in defeat. Sol managed to dig herself a hole beneath the dry land and shield herself from the dust storm. For days she'd remained there so long as the tearing winds threatened to rip her to shreds. When she thought that either the storm or the hunger would take her life, she heard a voice telling her to get up. Without hesitation she did so, forgetting the raging storm above. With cloth covering part of her face, Sol would peer into that storm for the voice she heard as clear as a stormless day. Perhaps Death had beckoned her home. Searching for her undertaker, she noticed there was a vague figure in the distance. The black silhouette neared her, making the form of a man, draped in numerous cloth and scarves. His face was shrouded in the same material. Sol could only make his eyes; one blue or and one blinded. The blue one seemed to pierce through her soul fragment and pin her there till he was close enough to her. He offered her hand to her and without a second thought Sol took his hand and would begin her new life training under the Order of the Flame as a renown cleric.

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Sol the Cleric
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